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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guess who? - The last to arrive

I must have been more tired than I thought. I hadn't realised I'd slept in so late but it had been a long day the night before.

It was just laying there by the bedside table. I only saw it after I had come out of the shower having freshened up. It shocked me - was it placed there while I was in the bathroom, or did someone walk in earlier in the morning while I was sleeping?

Either way, I wasn't sure what to do. It was obviously left the for me to put on but I had no idea what was happening. I didn't know if I should ask someone first or say anything. I looked at it again. And then I put it on.

The chastity device fit me just nice, almost as if it was tailor made for me. But obviously it couldn't have been. My two hosts didn't even know until yesterday afternoon that I needed a room for the night. In fact, I wouldn't even have contacted them if I had a choice but I missed my flight, and the next available one was 24 hours later.

Stranded, and a bit broke from all the traveling I had done, I did the one thing I had told myself not to do when I flew into this city - call on my ex-boyfriend and his current fiance. We'd not seen each other since we broke up a while back, although we still exchange the customary birthday and Christmas greeting via text.

But desperate time calls for desperate measures and barely a couple of hours after my flight had left without me, I showed up at his door - backpack in tow - after he kindly offered me a room for the night when I called him.

The evening went by relatively quick - by the time I had showered and settled into the guestroom, it was already dinner time. We went out to grab a bite (their treat!), had a couple of glasses of wine and then I retired to bed early.


I was just about to doze off when my phone buzzed. It was a picture message, except that the picture was of me. In a daze, I looked at it again and realised that it was a screen capture from one of my profiles on those dating (hook-up?) apps. The message was from my ex.

"Leather?" his next message read. Oh crap, I had logged on earlier to just check messages so I must have popped up pretty close when he logged on to his.

My profile is usually a little more out there and brazen when I'm traveling, and it didn't occur to me to change it. Other than him, I didn't know anyone else in this city and god knows I didn't have any plans of getting in touch with him.

So, anyway, busted.

"How is it possible that we dated without me knowing that you were this kinky fucker?" he asked in another text.

If only he knew.

"Still water runs deep," I replied. I'm never going to hear the end of this.

Then another picture came in. It was obviously him even with the head cropped out - I've seen that naked body many times - but something else caught my eye. He was wearing a Holy Trainer.

"What the fuck?" I asked, now sitting up. He's kinky?

Apparently so.


I put my trousers over the chastity device. I'm not sure what made me so brazen as to not wear any underwear but just seeing that device lying there waiting for me got my heart pumping. I was still unsure what was happening, the last thing my ex and I talked about before saying good night and finally sleeping was that he and his partner were in a monogamous relationship.

This all felt very weird but oddly arousing. I walked out of the room and went to the kitchen. The fiance was sitting there having breakfast while reading the newspaper. He looked up, smiled at me and said that there was some food for me in the oven. He's sent my ex out on an errand but he'll be back later.

It was rather awkward once I sat down to eat. Was it my ex who left the device on the table for me and if so, should I tell the fiance about it? Were they in on it together? What is going on?

The conversation was cordial - we don't know each other very well - and he was quite focused on the newspaper.

So, I took my phone out and started checking messages and emails.

"Looking for hookups today?" he asked out of the blue.

I looked up at him and blushed. He knew.

"Oh, don't act so coy. I know about the conversation between the two of you last night. The thing is, he doesn't know I know."

I was gobsmacked. No words were coming out of my mouth. I only blushed more.

"He shouldn't even have been on the app to be honest. He doesn't get to choose when he has sex or if we invite anyone back. That's all up to me. I'm also surprised that he sent you pictures of him in those predicaments. As far as I know, the two of you never spoke about your kinks. So, I'm not sure what he was thinking or expecting to come of that."


"So, I thought I'd plan out a little bit of punishment for him. But only if you're game. That's why I left that device there for you to see if you were. Apparently, you are." he said with a smirk.

"How did you know I've put in on?" I asked, finally able to speak.

"Oh, you were hard as hell when you walked in. The awkwardness and wondering of whether I knew or not much have really turned you on that your cock was pushing on the device. Just how I like it."

I looked down and realised the buldge was there again. God, I'm so predictable.

"So, here's my plan."


My ex probably didn't expect it but his fiance was sitting on a chair facing the door when he walked in from running his errands.

"Strip," the fiance said.

He protested. We have a guest, don't be ridiculous.

"He's not in."

But he could come back at any time. This is not just any guest. It's my ex. We've not spoken in years. It wasn't the best of breakups. He hates me. We can't do this.


He closed the door. Looked around. Sighed and stripped. Under his T-shirt and jeans was a packed jockstrap with his Holy Trainer locked under it.

"Crawl over to the living room. Face down, on the table."

He knew immediately what to do. That's a regular spot. The table was the perfect fit for him to have his head hanging off one end with his arms tied down to two legs, and then his dick would hang off the other end as his legs would be spread and raised up and tied to his collar keeping his head up - either to "enjoy" a show on television, or to suck his fiance's cock.

That position was perfect for him to get fucked as well - the table was at the right height for someone to be standing behind him, or to be feeding him a cock at the front. What's more, they had a magic wand to vibrate over his cage to get him close and horny.

It was the perfect table. In fact, they'd done it so many times that it didn't take long for him to be trussed up, blindfolded, gagged and moaning.

Only when he was in that helpless position did the fiance come into the room to call me out. I was in all the time. By this time, I was naked as per his request - no subs wear anything more than a jockstrap in this house, I was told. So if I was to partake in this, I'd have to follow the rules. I didn't have a jockstrap with me.

There was a chair in front of the table where my ex's gagged mouth was which would put my dick at the right spot for a blowjob. Except that I was still locked.

Not for long, however. The moment I sat down, the fiance removed a key from his collar and unlocked it, and quickly removed my ex's gag as well. The moment the gag was off, he went for my cock - this must be standard practice again.

But it didn't take him more than a couple of seconds to pull out. He didn't recognise the cock.

Laughing, the fiance removed the blindfold. The look on my ex's face? Priceless. If I was speechless earlier in the morning, the silence was deafening. He went so red, he'd give a lobster a run for its money.

"Now listen. I'm going to be tying our friend here up and you are going to give him the blowjob of his life. He's told me what led to your breaking up, so I think you owe him this at the very least."

He went even redder. Looked down. Ashamed.

"Here's the catch. He's got two hours before he needs to head to the airport. Which means we have two hours to get him super horny before putting him on his flight. Seems that he likes chastity on a voluntary basis, unlike you who have no choice even since I locked you up one year ago. You wanted it then but I know you've wanted out since, but that's not the deal we have, right?"

He gulped in embarrassment.

"I know this is a highly unexpected situation so I'm going to let you earn a reward. No one's touched your cock in over a year except when you're cleaning? I'm going to let you earn the chance to unlock today and get some feeling there.

"But here's how we do it. Only one of you gets to cum today. If he cums, you get to unlock because that means he's lost the game. His punishment will be that the magic wand will keep running on his cock while I tease the fuck out of you. I does mean you don't get to cum though. So your choice.

"But know this, if he doesn't cum, you stay locked but I'll fuck the cum out of you as I always do. But so you don't enjoy it so much, it'll be the last time I fuck you to orgasm for a month.

"It's up to you."

My ex was screwed either way.


That fateful day was a couple of years ago, and I hadn't seen or been in touch with either of them again after the dropped me off at the airport. But it all came flashing back the moment he walked in.

I was already worked up and stressed out trying to figure out who of the six people at the dining table had helped my current partner with my chastity task while he was traveling before. It was a tall order, I was trying to be discreet but at the same time needing to figure out who he - or they - were otherwise, the punishment was going to be severe.

I had already not cum for four weeks, and he's due for another trip tomorrow. If I don't get it right, my partner keeps the keys again for the duration of his trip. He hasn't even told me how long his trip will be this time. I needed to get this task right.

But my ex walking in just threw a spanner in the works - what was he doing here? When did he come into this city? What a coincidence that he'd be having dinner at this restaurant that I'm at tonight.

I was flustered, confused and couldn't stop staring. Then I realised he was walking in my direction. Did he see me? Is he coming over to say a polite hi?

The moment he arrived at our table, he turned to my partner and gave him a big hug before even saying hi to me.

"How do you guys know each other?" I stuttered.

"Oh, we've been working together for the past few months when I moved over here. Didn't he tell you?" my ex replied.

I just sat down. Stunned.

"Are you okay?" one of the other guests at the table asked. He was the third guy to arrive for dinner.

No, I'm well and truly fucked.

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