Pieces of fiction by a horny submissive boy who loves being tied up, gagged and edged.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guess who? - The last to arrive

I must have been more tired than I thought. I hadn't realised I'd slept in so late but it had been a long day the night before.

It was just laying there by the bedside table. I only saw it after I had come out of the shower having freshened up. It shocked me - was it placed there while I was in the bathroom, or did someone walk in earlier in the morning while I was sleeping?

Either way, I wasn't sure what to do. It was obviously left the for me to put on but I had no idea what was happening. I didn't know if I should ask someone first or say anything. I looked at it again. And then I put it on.

The chastity device fit me just nice, almost as if it was tailor made for me. But obviously it couldn't have been. My two hosts didn't even know until yesterday afternoon that I needed a room for the night. In fact, I wouldn't even have contacted them if I had a choice but I missed my flight, and the next available one was 24 hours later.

Stranded, and a bit broke from all the traveling I had done, I did the one thing I had told myself not to do when I flew into this city - call on my ex-boyfriend and his current fiance. We'd not seen each other since we broke up a while back, although we still exchange the customary birthday and Christmas greeting via text.

But desperate time calls for desperate measures and barely a couple of hours after my flight had left without me, I showed up at his door - backpack in tow - after he kindly offered me a room for the night when I called him.

The evening went by relatively quick - by the time I had showered and settled into the guestroom, it was already dinner time. We went out to grab a bite (their treat!), had a couple of glasses of wine and then I retired to bed early.


I was just about to doze off when my phone buzzed. It was a picture message, except that the picture was of me. In a daze, I looked at it again and realised that it was a screen capture from one of my profiles on those dating (hook-up?) apps. The message was from my ex.

"Leather?" his next message read. Oh crap, I had logged on earlier to just check messages so I must have popped up pretty close when he logged on to his.

My profile is usually a little more out there and brazen when I'm traveling, and it didn't occur to me to change it. Other than him, I didn't know anyone else in this city and god knows I didn't have any plans of getting in touch with him.

So, anyway, busted.

"How is it possible that we dated without me knowing that you were this kinky fucker?" he asked in another text.

If only he knew.

"Still water runs deep," I replied. I'm never going to hear the end of this.

Then another picture came in. It was obviously him even with the head cropped out - I've seen that naked body many times - but something else caught my eye. He was wearing a Holy Trainer.

"What the fuck?" I asked, now sitting up. He's kinky?

Apparently so.


I put my trousers over the chastity device. I'm not sure what made me so brazen as to not wear any underwear but just seeing that device lying there waiting for me got my heart pumping. I was still unsure what was happening, the last thing my ex and I talked about before saying good night and finally sleeping was that he and his partner were in a monogamous relationship.

This all felt very weird but oddly arousing. I walked out of the room and went to the kitchen. The fiance was sitting there having breakfast while reading the newspaper. He looked up, smiled at me and said that there was some food for me in the oven. He's sent my ex out on an errand but he'll be back later.

It was rather awkward once I sat down to eat. Was it my ex who left the device on the table for me and if so, should I tell the fiance about it? Were they in on it together? What is going on?

The conversation was cordial - we don't know each other very well - and he was quite focused on the newspaper.

So, I took my phone out and started checking messages and emails.

"Looking for hookups today?" he asked out of the blue.

I looked up at him and blushed. He knew.

"Oh, don't act so coy. I know about the conversation between the two of you last night. The thing is, he doesn't know I know."

I was gobsmacked. No words were coming out of my mouth. I only blushed more.

"He shouldn't even have been on the app to be honest. He doesn't get to choose when he has sex or if we invite anyone back. That's all up to me. I'm also surprised that he sent you pictures of him in those predicaments. As far as I know, the two of you never spoke about your kinks. So, I'm not sure what he was thinking or expecting to come of that."


"So, I thought I'd plan out a little bit of punishment for him. But only if you're game. That's why I left that device there for you to see if you were. Apparently, you are." he said with a smirk.

"How did you know I've put in on?" I asked, finally able to speak.

"Oh, you were hard as hell when you walked in. The awkwardness and wondering of whether I knew or not much have really turned you on that your cock was pushing on the device. Just how I like it."

I looked down and realised the buldge was there again. God, I'm so predictable.

"So, here's my plan."


My ex probably didn't expect it but his fiance was sitting on a chair facing the door when he walked in from running his errands.

"Strip," the fiance said.

He protested. We have a guest, don't be ridiculous.

"He's not in."

But he could come back at any time. This is not just any guest. It's my ex. We've not spoken in years. It wasn't the best of breakups. He hates me. We can't do this.


He closed the door. Looked around. Sighed and stripped. Under his T-shirt and jeans was a packed jockstrap with his Holy Trainer locked under it.

"Crawl over to the living room. Face down, on the table."

He knew immediately what to do. That's a regular spot. The table was the perfect fit for him to have his head hanging off one end with his arms tied down to two legs, and then his dick would hang off the other end as his legs would be spread and raised up and tied to his collar keeping his head up - either to "enjoy" a show on television, or to suck his fiance's cock.

That position was perfect for him to get fucked as well - the table was at the right height for someone to be standing behind him, or to be feeding him a cock at the front. What's more, they had a magic wand to vibrate over his cage to get him close and horny.

It was the perfect table. In fact, they'd done it so many times that it didn't take long for him to be trussed up, blindfolded, gagged and moaning.

Only when he was in that helpless position did the fiance come into the room to call me out. I was in all the time. By this time, I was naked as per his request - no subs wear anything more than a jockstrap in this house, I was told. So if I was to partake in this, I'd have to follow the rules. I didn't have a jockstrap with me.

There was a chair in front of the table where my ex's gagged mouth was which would put my dick at the right spot for a blowjob. Except that I was still locked.

Not for long, however. The moment I sat down, the fiance removed a key from his collar and unlocked it, and quickly removed my ex's gag as well. The moment the gag was off, he went for my cock - this must be standard practice again.

But it didn't take him more than a couple of seconds to pull out. He didn't recognise the cock.

Laughing, the fiance removed the blindfold. The look on my ex's face? Priceless. If I was speechless earlier in the morning, the silence was deafening. He went so red, he'd give a lobster a run for its money.

"Now listen. I'm going to be tying our friend here up and you are going to give him the blowjob of his life. He's told me what led to your breaking up, so I think you owe him this at the very least."

He went even redder. Looked down. Ashamed.

"Here's the catch. He's got two hours before he needs to head to the airport. Which means we have two hours to get him super horny before putting him on his flight. Seems that he likes chastity on a voluntary basis, unlike you who have no choice even since I locked you up one year ago. You wanted it then but I know you've wanted out since, but that's not the deal we have, right?"

He gulped in embarrassment.

"I know this is a highly unexpected situation so I'm going to let you earn a reward. No one's touched your cock in over a year except when you're cleaning? I'm going to let you earn the chance to unlock today and get some feeling there.

"But here's how we do it. Only one of you gets to cum today. If he cums, you get to unlock because that means he's lost the game. His punishment will be that the magic wand will keep running on his cock while I tease the fuck out of you. I does mean you don't get to cum though. So your choice.

"But know this, if he doesn't cum, you stay locked but I'll fuck the cum out of you as I always do. But so you don't enjoy it so much, it'll be the last time I fuck you to orgasm for a month.

"It's up to you."

My ex was screwed either way.


That fateful day was a couple of years ago, and I hadn't seen or been in touch with either of them again after the dropped me off at the airport. But it all came flashing back the moment he walked in.

I was already worked up and stressed out trying to figure out who of the six people at the dining table had helped my current partner with my chastity task while he was traveling before. It was a tall order, I was trying to be discreet but at the same time needing to figure out who he - or they - were otherwise, the punishment was going to be severe.

I had already not cum for four weeks, and he's due for another trip tomorrow. If I don't get it right, my partner keeps the keys again for the duration of his trip. He hasn't even told me how long his trip will be this time. I needed to get this task right.

But my ex walking in just threw a spanner in the works - what was he doing here? When did he come into this city? What a coincidence that he'd be having dinner at this restaurant that I'm at tonight.

I was flustered, confused and couldn't stop staring. Then I realised he was walking in my direction. Did he see me? Is he coming over to say a polite hi?

The moment he arrived at our table, he turned to my partner and gave him a big hug before even saying hi to me.

"How do you guys know each other?" I stuttered.

"Oh, we've been working together for the past few months when I moved over here. Didn't he tell you?" my ex replied.

I just sat down. Stunned.

"Are you okay?" one of the other guests at the table asked. He was the third guy to arrive for dinner.

No, I'm well and truly fucked.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stack for Stag: Preparing for the big day

I was exhausted, practically weak. Two of our friends had to help me get to the bedroom although I suspect it was less about them being worried I'd pass out before I got there and more to do with what plans they had for me.

Ah, bed. It was the first time all week that I was allowed to sleep on a bed. But everyone wanted to make sure I had a good night's sleep both to recover from the past week but also to make sure I had the energy for tomorrow.

It was going to be a big day.

I've been with about eight people all week - although many others have joined in at different times - all but two of whom have traveled with my partner and I to this city. I had no idea what plans they had but I had agreed to this 'stag week' where they would make all the decisions and I would just show up.

Tonight, I was given a bit of a reprieve. I was allowed to eat at the dinner table with everyone although my partner - and soon to be husband - and I were forced to sit at opposite ends of the table. We've had very little contact with each other all week.

The only difference was that everyone was dressed casually except my partner and I. He was in full leather gear looking amazingly hot while I was naked except with the chastity device.

Part of me was quite relieved to have been locked back up. I've been edged for hours each of the days of this stag week so far without being allowed to cum and was about to go crazy. That doesn't even include the number of days I hadn't cum before I left.

But that was dinner.

Right now, everyone had decided it was bedtime for me and our two friends were escorting me to my room. This was a new house we had just moved into today and I didn't know it very well. After all, as with the whole trip, I was blindfolded when we arrived and it was only removed finally at the dinner table (after all the events before that).

They led me up the stairs just by the dining area straight up to my room so I didn't really get to see much of what I imagined was a beautiful and massive house.

The moment I walked into the room though, I groaned. On the bed was cuffs attached to all four corners, and I immediately dreaded the night ahead.

"So much for getting rested, there's no way I'll get any good sleep bound spread eagle."

I must have just spaced out for a minute thinking about that because they had to prod me to get my attention.

"What are you waiting for then, get on the bed! You know what to do!"

And with that, I walked over to the bed and lay on my back. I had agreed to follow all instructions all week so I knew not to protest as they quickly restrained me to the bed. I tugged at my arms and legs but there was no give, they've really made it tight.

Then the blindfold came on. And then the poppers. And then I felt hands on my chastity device and I started humping the air, hoping to get some feeling. One of them then put a strap over my chest and stomach each, holding me down to make sure I couldn't move much.

Before I knew it, the device was taken off and my cock was free! The part of me dreading an edging earlier at dinner had lost the battle - with the poppers, all I wanted to do was have my cock stroked and to cum. I didn't have to wait long.

I felt them pour lube over my cock and expertly started edging me slowly. It didn't take me long to get close but they knew what they were doing. One of them was stroking me, the other was poppering me up.

"Please," I begged. "Let me cum. It's been so long. Oh God, please."

There was no response despite my pleas and begging. I don't know how long it went for but I was sufficiently trashing in bed, squirming, moaning and begging all at once.

Then silence. No one was touching me anymore and I was just lying there humping the air, groaning in frustration and calling out for them.

"Was this it?" I wondered to msyelf. I tugged at the restraints and realised that there was something over my hands. In all my trashing, my feeling of ecstacy, my horniness, I hadn't realised that they had put leather mitts on both my hands.

As if they sensed my confusion, one of them ripped the blindfold off my face and then, I heard a loud set of applause. When my eyes finally adjusted, I realised that it wasn't just two people there - all eight of them were watching the show.

The owner of the shop who gifted me the chastity device then walked up to me holding it. I was worried that he was going to put it back on.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to take this for a cleaning. But we do have plans for you," he said as one of our friends - my partner's ex-roommate - undid my legs. Another friend then walked up with a piece of leather gear that I would eventually discover was a pair of chastity shorts.

As he slipped it on me, one of the guys who was edging me earlier walked towards me again and fondled my cock that was hanging out of the shorts, while I was once again fed poppers. I started trashing again in the bonds.

Just as I got close to the edge, he stopped. The shop owner then showed me a hard cup, put it over my cock and zipped the chastity shorts up.

"We're going to undo your hands now, but the mitts stay on. The cup is there to make sure you don't be naughty tonight, but we'll let you sleep without bondage. You need your rest."

Just as I caught my breath, my partner walked up to me and gave me a big kiss.

"I've been told that this is our last kiss as single men," he said. "They won't let us meet until the ceremony."

With that, he gave me another sloppy kiss and hugged me, as everyone started leaving the room, wishing me a good night's sleep.

The lights went out and my hands went straight to my crotch. There was no way I was going to be able to touch it. I heard them locking the door from the outside, just as I dozed off and fell asleep.


"Rise and shine," they shouted. I opened my eyes, still groggy and made out about three to four people standing by the bed. I tried to rub my eye but couldn't - the mitts were still on. Making the connection, one of my hands reached down to my crotch; the cup was still there under the chastity shorts. I whimpered and they all laughed.

It was the big day but I still didn't know what was planned for me. I did see a whole tray of breakfast in front of me and suddenly felt hungry.

"We've got lots to do so we all better make a move of it. Don't you worry about anything, just eat!" one of them told me as he undid the mitts from my hand.

As I scoffed down breakfast, I wondered what they all had planned. The four of them were faffing around the room - a couple in the bathroom, one running in and out of the bedroom and one more removing things from a luggage bag and the closet.

I couldn't see exactly what was being taken out but I knew it would not be your usual formal wear. This was a kinky wedding and no doubt, we were to be in gear.

After I was done with breakfast, I was led to the bathroom where the chastity shorts was removed. I then stepped into the bathtub and was about to start enjoying myself when one of our friends pulled my hands above my head and cuffed it to the rails. They weren't even going to let me bath in peace.

Two of them took turns cleaning me and shaving my crotch area. If the cuffs weren't so uncomfortable, it would have been a nice treat being fawned over this way. But who am I to complain - it's been a long week and as frustrating as it is to have so much play without cumming, it's been really fun as well. They really put all the effort into this trip.

To towel me dry, they cuffed my hands to the shower railing instead as I stood up. A couple of times they lingered a bit longer at my cock and balls as they wiped me dry. It didn't take long for me to get hard again and start humping the air.

"Need some help?" one said as he winked, dropped to his knees and went for my cock. It was all I could do to not cum right there. He pulled off really quickly, laughed and said, "Well, seems like someone is at the edge already if those moans are anything to go by."

I was finally uncuffed and we walked into the room and I saw this whole organised mess of gear everywhere. There were gear that I've never seen before - a mix of shiny rubber and hot leather. It was my version of heaven. I'd find out later that they were all tailor made for me, as wedding gifts from our group of friends.

And so the dressing needed to begin. First was just a simple rubber jockstrap. Just as I was about to step into the rubber suit next, one of them stopped me and poured some lube down the jockstrap and squeezed my cock and balls a bit. I immediately got hard and started whimpering; they knew that my cock and balls in lube rubbing against the rubber would keep me hard and horny.

The rubber suit looked amazing - it was full length from neck to toes, but it was crotchless with a cod piece. There was a zip at the rear and where my nipples are. Although it was already shiny, they started polishing to make sure it was spotless.

They then helped me put on a pair of boots with grey laces through the 16-eyelets. Leather cuffs then went around my boots. I looked at the mirror and loved what I saw. This was the perfect wedding suit! Little did I know what was to come next.

Out of the closet came the most amazing looking, heavy duty leather sleepjacket.

"Put your hands out," one of them said and I eagerly did. It fitted perfectly as they wrapped it around my body. The fastened the straps real tight once my arms were secured, and then pulled the straps down both sides of my crotch making the jockstrap hug even tighter (and the lube more squishy). Once I was tightly strapped in, I heard padlocks. I wasn't going to be getting out of them anytime soon.

When I was finally all suited up, each came up to me and gave me a kiss and squeezed my dick. I was ready!

As they led me out of the room, I wondered what they had planned next. After all, I was all geared up but they weren't, although I did notice they were quite well dressed. I figured they'd have some plans for me as I waited for them to gear up as well.

When we got down to the bottom of the stairs, they stopped me in front of a door. I could hear some loud music so I figured some people were setting up in there. They put a blindfold on me, and noise cancelling headphones playing white noise. I couldn't hear or see a thing and my cock started twitching.

They led me into the room and then made me go on my knees at where I imagined was the middle of the room. My head rested on the floor as I felt someone lubing up my ass.

"This is going to get uncomfortable," I thought to myself. Little did I know. Once I was properly lubed up, I felt a few hands trying to manage me - I didn't have much balance not being able to see, hear or have my own hands to help.

I was made to walk up a couple of steps - a stage? - and then turned around and slowly pushed down to sit. Except that it had to go slowly, I felt what appeared to be a dildo or a plug on the seat. They gave me a hit of poppers to help me adjust and soon, I was seated with a butt plug in me.

Then I felt them strapping my legs and thigh down so I couldn't move. Next, my cock and balls were taken out of the jockstrap and some things were attached to them. I felt them unbutton the nipple flaps on the straight jacket, and unzip the rubber suit to expose my nipples. Clamps then came on and I moaned out loud.

I thought I heard a roar of laughter through the headphones but I couldn't be sure in my poppered, horny state. But then I didn't feel anything for a couple of minutes so I just sat there and struggled, trying to get some friction on my cock.

Before I knew it, the headphones were removed and my blindfold was peeled off.


As my eyes adjusted, I noticed there were about 20 friends of ours - some of whom I didn't even realise would be attending the wedding. Most were kinksters, although a few were friends who knew about our lifestyle but didn't engage it in themselves.

They were all dressed really smart, almost semi-formal. I must have blushed realising that they were all so decently dressed, drinking wine and enjoying themselves while here I was naked, plugged and whimpering with horniness.

The realisation jolted me back to reality and I looked down at myself. All I could make out was that I was naked, there was some electrodes on my cock and balls and the seat I was on was fixed into some kind of makeshift box.

Before I could say anything to anyone, I was gagged again as they closed the front door to the box. Attached to the door was a hook, which they looped the chain from the nipple clamps too, which made me straighten my body more than I already did with the plug in me. All that you could see of me at the moment was my head protruding out of the box.

"We're having a small reception before lunch as the other groom gets ready. Enjoy yourself!" one of them told me as he put the blindfold back on and gave me another hit of poppers. I moaned loudly through the gag when I felt the first waves of electro hitting my cock and balls.

There was a roar of laughter at my moan, but that quickly went away as the noise-cancelling headphones came back on and I was lost in my own world again, completely humiliated by the fact that all my friends were socialising around me as I sat there being more and more turned on as a horny display boy for their pleasure, at my party.

It seemed so long since the proposal first happened.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


I sat in the cab feeling a little bit guilty. I was about to spend a few days away with a guy I had known for a while but hadn't told my partner. While we have a relatively open relationship, there hasn't been much need to lie.

I'm not even sure why I felt this time was necessary. The guy I was about to meet wasn't even an old flame, although we have played several time in the past. But it has been many years since he left the country, and way before I met my partner.

Looking out of the window, I could feel my cock getting hard in my jockstrap, pressing tightly against my jeans. My partner had grabbed at it just before I kissed him goodbye, telling me to have fun but be safe. It was as if he knew I had something planned but as far as he was concerned, I was off for a work in a nearby city.

Perhaps it was that affection with which he kissed me, or the consideration to tell me to be safe, or just the crotch grabbing to remind me how lucky I was to have him, that was causing the guilt.

Not that I even knew what lay ahead this weekend. All I know is that my friend had called me a few weeks ago to say that he was back in town for a few days and wanted to see if we could catch up. Not knowing I was attached, he suggested I spent the few days at the hotel with him just to hang out.

We spoke a lot about it since - I wasn't sure what he wanted exactly but he assured me that he had no expectations.

"Just hanging out for old times sake," he had said. "Reconnect".

We decided that we won't plan anything and that I'd just pack my bags for a couple of nights. There was no expectations of play - maybe just a few drinks to get trashed and rekindle an old friendship.

We used to be really good friends and I really missed him so I agreed. But for some reason, I couldn't find a way to explain this to my partner and hence, made up the story about going away for work.

My partner usually locks me in chastity when I travel for work but I managed to convince him that this time it was only for a couple of days. I joked that it would be nice to have my dick free so that I could see if there was anything exciting on Grindr when I got in. He just shrugged and said okay.

I must have been lost in my thoughts really deep because the cab driver suddenly turned around and told me that we had arrived. The hotel was about 40 minutes from my place and the journey went by really quickly.

Apologising profusely for being distracted, I paid the cab driver and carried my small bag of luggage out and walked towards the reception. I gave the receptionist the room number my friend had asked me to call up to. She looked at me, asked for my name and said that there was a message left for me when I told her.

The message was in an envelope. I opened it and in it were two cards - one to open the hotel room door and the other, read: "Am out. Make yourself comfortable".

In the elevator heading up, I was a little pissed off. I've made the effort to come visit him and he couldn't even wait to say hi after all these years? Still fuming, I opened the hotel room door to notice that all the lights were turned off and the dark curtains closed so it was pitch black. It must be one of those hotels where you have to insert the key card into a slot to power up the room.

I took a step in and tried to put my hand out to feel for the key slot when I suddenly felt myself falling onto the sofa next to the door.

Almost immediately, a dark cloth bag was put over my head and my hands were being pulled to my back hurting me so much that I couldn't make a sound or exclaim. I wanted to call out my friend's name - is this a joke? - but I only felt winded.

Before I could regain my bearings to figure out what was happening, I felt cold metal on my wrist. Handcuffs! And then quickly, someone was winding duct tape across my mouth over the cloth so I couldn't even speak. My legs were also cuffed and connect to the wrist cuffs. In less than 30 seconds, I was hogtied, gagged and unable to see anything.

I felt myself being carried further into the room - so there had to be more than one person -  and then ungraciously dumped onto the floor. Then I heard a door close and realised that I have been put in the closet. Then I heard a louder bang. They had left the room.

All these questions popped into my head - was I being kidnapped? Who was this? I've not seen my friend in ages - was it really him who wrote to me? How many people were there? What did they want with me?

Then panic set in. No one knew where I was. As far as my partner was concerned, I was on the way to work in a city three hours away. The hotel staff knew I was here but I had voluntarily walked into the elevator and the room. There would have been no indication to anyone that the person who had booked this room would be doing this to me.

I'm not sure how long I was left in there but I dozed in and out of consciousness. Even when they eventually returned and took me out of the closet, I was limp, tired and confused from grogginess of sleeping that I could barely struggled when they uncuffed my hands and legs one at a time and stripped me.

They sat me on a chair and restrained me tightly that I could barely move anything other than my fingers and toes. I felt them put a collar on me which didn't allow me to move my neck at all. It was at that point that they cut the tape and pulled off the hood.

"Hey!" I shouted, free to talk at last. Not for long thought as a bit gag was immediately put on me. But as my eyes adjusted to the light from having been in the dark for so long, I realised that attached to the collar was a set of blinders which meant I could only look in front - right at a laptop playing heavy bondage porn. They put a set of headphones on me which played the sound from the porn.

I'm not sure if it was the hot show I was watching, but I relaxed at that point. I realised that I wasn't being kidnapped for ransom or anything. This was a sexual abduction - the fact that I was in a posture collar with blinders meant that this was someone with fetish gear.

So, it was my friend after all. It was slightly disconcerting though because there was no indication that this was going to happen, and he hasn't said a word. But I knew I was hard and told myself to enjoy it. I was probably going to be released in a while anyway.

Little did I know.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Boarding time

I'm sat on the plane extremely horny. I've not cum in 10 days and am not sure when I'll be allowed to. At the moment, I have a seven hour flight ahead of me. Under my T-shirt are the words, 'Hard for days, horny bitch' penned onto my body. I also have a cock ring on, as well as a condom with lube in it on my hard cock.

All these were at my partner's suggested. He was the one who has put me on a 10 day cum ban for this trip and other than to wash and pee, I was not allowed to touch my cock. It's been frustrating. Even when I hooked up with a hot guy yesterday, I had to ask him before hand if it was okay if I didn't cum during the session.

He was fine with it - he just wanted a blow - but was curious as to know why. So I had to tell him, which was all the more humiliating for me. Which in turn meant that I only got harder.

When he found out what it was all about, he just smirked. And the whole time I was servicing him - from blowing to sucking and biting on his nipple - he only played with my balls and nipple. He didn't touch my cock at all which only made it harder and more frustrating.

The few times he did touch it, he only stroke a bit to get me to moan hard before he let go. Needless to say, I left very horny and more frustrated.

But I digress. I am sitting here on the plane unsure of what the next few days lie ahead for me. My partner will be away for a few days too so he won't be there when I get home.

He did leave instructions though. When I go home, I'm expected to head to the shower immediately, shave and put on the chastity device he had left out for me. He had thought it all through, he's left 10 sets of locks out for me with the keys to each hidden somewhere in the house.

The objective of this is so that for the next 10 days while he's away, I would be told where the key for a particular lock is to unlock. I would have to stroke a hundred times and then use another lock to lock myself back up without cumming.

It was going to be a long 10 days ahead for me. But I'm already at such a high level of horn, I'm looking forward to heading home and locking up. Part of me even craves going longer than the 10 days - it's only four short of my current locking record.

My horn was so high that I made some other plans for myself. Once locked, I would put on my butt plug harness on for two hours and have the key to that stored in a time safe so I can't be unlocked. Then I'll gear up in my rubber suit and hood, gag myself and watch porn online while popper in up a little.

Following that, I plan to put myself in a blindfold and tie myself down to my bed feeding myself poppers through my gas mask for the remainder of the 2 hours.

I would be lying there squirming and basking in my hormones and just humping the air whimpering and moaning and gagging for release.


I lay there for a while when I suddenly feel someone tugging at my wrist cuffs. Then I hear a click of a lock - someone has made my bondage predicament a little more permanent. Then he tapped on my cage and laugh.

That was my partner's laughter. I was on a popper high so I couldn't make sure of what was going on but I just soaked it all in. He tightened the bondage, unzipped the suit to out clamps on and suddenly I felt a vibratory on my cage.

He kept going in and out of the room, returning to tease me. He had taken the popper cloth out of the gas mask and was feeding me poppers at random times when I was not expecting it. My horn was so intense.

Before I even realised how long had passed, I heard the alarm go off. The two hours was up and my timer safe was unlocked.

My partner removed my bondage but cuffed my hands to the top of the bed. Then I felt him undo the chastity cage from my cock and I just let out a loud moan. He gave me a hit of poppers then started stroking me.

He counted each stroke - the first time he's said anything all else evening. About 23 strokes in, I moan out really loud and he stopped, knowing I was close.

'So, I'm going to help you with your 100 stroke challenge today. Except that I'll stroke the amount I want and not according to your moans. You had better not cum.'

He kept going and I was almost delirious trying not to cum. Eventually we made it to 100 and I was panting ridiculously by the end of it all. He then out some ice on my cock and I went soft immediately. The cage then came back on.

I just lay there whimpering as he spoke: 'So, there was some change of plans so I'll be here anyway for the next 9 days. So we're changing the rules a bit.

'Since I have already hidden the keys, I'll give you a clue each day and you're expected to find a lock. If you find the right key, you can unlock and do you 100 a day. Your task is to make sure you make all 10 days. I've done day one for you today.

'I'll leave in 9 days so you have a chance to do them all before I leave. If you do, you get to cum. Otherwise, you'll have to stay locked while I'm away and continue searching while I'm gone for your daily sessions. So you could very well end up being locked for only 10 more days or 20 before I come back.

'Considering you haven't cum in 10 days, that might be a whole month! Should be fun!'

He then gave me another hit of poppers and turned the vibratory around my cage on again.

'I'll leave you here to take all of that in as I prepare dinner. Have fun!' he said as I let out a loud moan wondering what I got myself into.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Guess who? - The third to arrive

There was something familiar about the way he smelt but I couldn't be sure. He was very handsome and had a million-dollar-smile. He had gray hair, but it worked well on him. It went well with his beard. Almost like a silver fox. When he shook my hand, I melted immediately. He just exuded charm.

"Nice to meet you," he said. Then he turned to my partner and said, "You picked the right boy."

Was that a hint? I could have sworn he winked when he said that but I'm not sure if I am reading too much into it. The smell. The wink. Hang on. "Boy?"

Could he have been one of them?

Two other guest had arrived about 10 minutes before him, and I'd spent all the time trying to suss them out.

I had to guess who out of all the guests at the dinner table; one, two or maybe three out of everyone who was coming for dinner had possibly seen me naked, cuffed to the bed and helped unlock my chastity device for a clean. This cleaning happened once a week for three weeks while my partner was away for a month of work.

This way, I never got to cum in all the time he was gone and that I never touched myself. I didn't know who this person or these persons were. Arrangements were made for me to be in some form on self bondage while they can in to do what they needed to do and left. The last guy had a bit more fun - he came on me and edged me loads - before locking me back up.

Tonight, I had to guess who they were (or he is), otherwise, I remain locked up. I had just gotten a text to put on my chastity device before everyone started arriving. The problem is not all of these people there are our kinky friends so I had to be careful in my probing.

I haven't yet figured the earlier two out when this one arrived.

There was a tingling in my gut and crotch - I'm not sure if his presence got me horny or that my instincts were going on hyperdrive. All I know is that I've been in contact with this person before except I don't recognise him. How is that possible?

"Does your hubby still go for his runs? my partner suddenly asked him, with a smirk on his face.

A loud roar of laughter was the reply.

That laugh.

Could it be?

"Occasionally when I feel like it," he then said.

"When I feel like it?" I thought to myself.

No way.

I just stared at him. Then tried to imagine him without the beard and with darker hair. Then the laughter again. Oh gosh.


It almost felt like a different life and I had totally forgotten about it. I was much younger then, still at university. This was in the early days of the Internet so there was no smartphones, no Recon. This was the days of Gaydar.

I was initially afraid to put my face on my profile but he still messaged me. There was something about the profile, he said, that made him send me a message.

"Bound for life," my profile headline read and he was intrigued. Was it a subtle reference to BDSM, he asked.

It was.

He lived about two hours away from me but as a poor student then, I couldn't afford very much to make unnecessary trips. Also, while we were both kinky, it didn't appear from the outset that our interests matched. Still, we chatted for about six months, and occasionally jerked off on webcam, before we actually met.

The plan was for me to take the train to where he was to meet him for a drink. As friends, he had said. It was a particularly impulsive trip but I had a rough week at uni and wanted to get away. We had been chatting the night before - well, webcamming - and he suggested, after he had cum, that I don't and that I come by to pay him a visit. No expectations for play, he had said, but don't cum just in case you decide that you want to do something.

I went over for several reasons: first, we had chatted for a while and I counted him as a good friend so it would have been good to meet; secondly, I really needed to get away; and finally, I was horny. So what if we didn't have much interests in common.

He was the sweetest person I had met. He picked me up from the train station and we walked around the town all afternoon. Later, we went to grab a bite for dinner. Then had a couple of drinks. He bought the first two rounds so I wanted to buy him another, but he said that he had plans for the night so he shouldn't be drinking that much.

"You're welcome to stay the night if you want to," he told me. "Like I told you, no expectations."

I was horny so I only blushed.

"Well, it's a shame you have plans for tonight because ..." I trailed off. He knew immediately.

"Oh, I already had an idea of how to incorporate you into my plans."

It had been a couple of days since I'd cum, and with the edging session on cam the day before, I went hard immediately. He must have sensed because he said that we were to leave immediately and he just stood up. I blushed more as I raised to show something else that had risen up in the lower regions.

He laughed.

We didn't say anything more in the journey from the pub to his house. As I got out of the car, he grabbed my hand assuringly and said, "Trust me".

I saw a man sitting in the living room, the moment the door opened. He was handsome, chiseled and had a million-dollar smile. Upon noticing us, he walked over and introduced himself. When he shook my hand, I melted immediately. He just exuded charm.

And then I caught a whiff of him. He smelt amazing.

They sat me down and explained that they were partners and would often time incorporate a third into their sessions. If I was game, they said, then they would prep me for the night. I agreed.

My friend took me into his room to prepare myself. It was almost 11pm by then so I knew we had to rush. I was made to strip, take a quick shower and present myself back. When I returned, I saw several things on the bed.

There was a pair of rubber shorts, a collar, a gag, nipple clamps and wrist cuffs. He made me put them on one at a time. Then, he asked me to raise my hands and he cuffed my hands to some straps attached to the door.

His partner then came in, still smelling great, with a cup of water. Except that it was ice and immediately, they placed my balls in the cup. I yelp in surprise but it didn't take long before what they wanted to happen did. My cock went soft and on came a chastity device.

"Let's make it three days, shall we?"

While my friend put the device on me, his partner was fiddling with something else. The moment it was locked on, they turned me around and told me to relax and breath slowly. They were going to put a small plug in. Worried that it would fall out, they attached the plug to the chastity device using some sort of harness over the rubber shorts.

I was well geared up.

The key to the harness and chastity was then put onto a chain and placed around my friend's neck.

"Since he likes the outdoors so much, some nights I let him spend some time outside. Usually, he's only in a pair of shorts and sneakers with barely enough money to make a phone call. Tonight, he'll head out with one extra thing - the keys to your devices around his neck," the partner told me.

They escorted me to the car - still geared up like that - and we all got in. My friend was dressed in a T-shirt, running shorts and sneakers. I could see the chain with the keys showing around his neck. Then, a blindfold was put on him. Because I was gagged, I couldn't say anything. So he continued explaining.

"I'm going to drive him out to a strange location now. Once we get there, he'll take his T-shirt off and get out of the car and we'll drive home. When we get back, I'll put you to bed. Except that you can't remove any of those things before he gets home. If he doesn't arrive by 5am, then he'll be punished when he gets home.

"If he doesn't get back by 7 then he stays out for the rest of the day and you'll stay locked as well because I'm heading to work and you're not to let him in. It should be a fun night."

All I could do was stare at him through the rearview mirror. My cock tried to get hard in the cage but couldn't. I wanted to touch myself so bad but I just couldn't reach it the way he had my hands cuffed to the harness. I tried and tried the whole journey, just inhaling his scent that has since filled the car.

I cupped my CB in my hands and was shocked that I could even do it. Then I heard a cough and looked up. It was him. Smirking. Still smelling so good.

"You zoned out for a minute," he said. I then realised I was in the restaurant and everyone who had arrived on the table was looking at me. He looked down at my crotch, and back up at me. He smirked again. "Reliving fond memories?"

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stacked for Stag - Part 3

My partner was finally released just before the store was to close for a lunch break. There was already quite a crowd in the store by the time I was fully gimped out with the help of the customers but the store soon emptied out.

My friends and the owners of the store had already made plans to have lunch at the restaurant located across the street. The weather was great and there was a table for eight that I had not noticed earlier due to the fact that I've been blindfolded since I got into the van.

Not that it would have made a difference - I would never have suspected since there would be nine of us. What I didn't realise was that there was never any plans for me to join them for lunch.

When the store emptied, my partner fed me a bit of food and drinks so I didn't get hungry. I just ate obediently, not knowing what was coming next.

I would be on display in the window of the store for everyone to see - while the eight of them had a meal just across the street watching me in amusement (and also to make sure nothing goes wrong).

Soon, I felt myself being guided to another room again (the window display) and locked into the bondage chair. My partner then plugged the electro in and I moaned loudly in response. The porn on my headphone changed very quickly to white noise.

It was at that point that I knew I was going to be left alone for a while and this time, unable to move any part of my body to touch myself. Gimped up, with electro under the rubber suit and a full metal chastity belt over - I was the epitome of helpless.

It was a good thing I was hooded because almost everyone who walked past the store took a picture.

I'd eventually get to meet some of them at the party later.


It had already been a fruitful morning - a journey in bondage in the van, being displayed in the window in my regular clothes before the store opened, then being dressed by strangers in gears people had gifted to me for the wedding and now on display again as a gimp - not that I knew much of what was happening.

The eight had a great lunch and spent time catching up, while laughing at my predicament.

I had been sitting there like that for about an hour and a half - I've lost track of time and the white noise in the headphones keeping all the sounds out didn't help - before they took me in eventually. The headphones were still on while they cuffed my feet down to the ground and hands into the air in a spread eagle position.

"Where was I?" was all I could remember asking myself.

As if to answer, the headphones were removed and I felt someone hug me.

"Are you okay?" he asked. If was the ex-roommate. All I could do was nod.

"Do you want to know what's going on?"

I nodded again.

Then blindness. The blindfold had been removed for the first time in over six hours and it took a while to adjust to the light. While my vision finally got clarity, however, I was still dazed and unsure where I was.

My partner then explained everything to me and I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, be angry or just moan from how turned on I was from the story.

He knew me better than I did, though, and just asked, "Do you want that belt removed and someone touching your cock?"

All I could do was moan.

One of the owners then removed the device and my cock was hard and leaking. By then, there was already an audience - the store had opened from after lunch and people had come in to see where they had taken the gimp from the window.

After he removed the device, the owner put his hands up to get everyone's attention.

"Some of you might have heard about that special promotion we had this morning - a treat with every purchase, you might say. Well, we're extending the promotion this afternoon, with a twist.

"You've all heard from this gimp how much he wants someone to touch his cock so we're going to give all of you a chance to do that. With every purchase you make, you'll get to stroke him - one stroke for every five dollars you spend. As a bonus, every purchase gets an automatic five strokes."

One of our friends then continued: "Let's add a twist. The gimp knows he's not allowed to cum so if you don't get to finish your number of strokes before he tells you to stop, then you'll get to spank his balls double the number of strokes you have leftover."

I was horrified, and started speaking through my gag but to no avail.

"Since it's out of your control, I guess you don't have to see what's going on," one of them said as they put the blindfold back on.


I was huddled up in the corner of the cage, spent. I had just spent the whole evening on display during the party. It wasn't a sex party per se but these were kinksters and lots of people were trying on gear and buying stuff.

For most of the party, I was left on a chair in the middle of the room. I was still gimped up but the electro items had been removed and was just replaced by a regular plug to keep me full.

Earlier in the afternoon, I had endured about three hours of constant edging and spanking. Customers who had made purchases would come up to me and tease my cock. Some didn't make very expensive purchases so they were treated with growls of frustrations when they stopped. Those who spent more got to hear moans and begging of being allowed to cum, followed by a stop when I got too close.

I knew better than to cum without permission.

I counted at least 25 people who had spent the afternoon edging me. My friends would occasionally give me a break - there had been a couple of toilet breaks all day and to make sure I was drinking water to stay hydrated.

But I don't think I remember my cock ever going soft and my horniness never subsided. The store had lots of sample lubes available and many people used that to stroke me. It got me closer than ever and all I could do was hold back and just moan in frustration.

By six PM, the party had kicked off. I could hear music from a live DJ playing and lots of chatters. It sounded like the place was getting more and more full.

The "promotion" to edge me had ended by then - my friends knew I was already sore and didn't want to ruin the rest of the week. But I think they all just didn't want to break me just yet. It was, after all, only day one.

They left me on that seat the whole party but removed the gag so that I could speak to some of the visitors. The blindfold was never removed though so I never knew who I was speaking to.

But lots would happen in the mean time. Customers who had made new purchases came up to use me as a demo/testing gimp. At any one point, one of my friends was with me to make sure that nothing untoward happened to me.

All the playing became more frustrating. I got violet wands and hand vibrators used on me to tease me, I felt a variety of nipple clamps and various other items on my cock and balls.

As the party wound down later in the night, some regulars to the stores and close friends of the owners stayed behind. That party got a bit more sexual and some of my friends got in on the act.

For this, they took the blindfold off so I could see everything that was happening. My partner offered to become the official photographer since he didn't want to get involved.

Suddenly, I saw a guy walking over to me and without any notice, he came on me. Before I knew it, everyone had taken turns to cum on me and with that, the party was over.

One guy though, decided to use the cum one me to stroke me. I was writhing with pleasure, begging and begging to be allowed to cum while he just kept going, slowly. I could only moan and beg that I didn't even notice that the restraints holding me down to the chair were being undone.

My hands were fastened behind my back as I continued moaning and humping this guys hand.

And then one of the owners showed up with a big grin on his face.

"This is our gift to you and your partner," he said as he held up the chastity belt I was wearing earlier. "It's a special edition and we modified it to fit your body after seeing you wear it earlier. This device has two locks and we've made a few sets.

"You'll be wearing this at the wedding ceremony, and until then but the eight of us each have one key. If you ever want to get unlocked, you'll need to find two people with the different key this week."

With that, the guy removed his hand and they proceeded to put the belt on me.

Once it was locked on, my partner asked for permission to touch me as he guided me back into the cage. Before he pushed me in and locked it, he gave me a sloppy kiss.

I don't think I could love him much more than at that moment. He had made so many of my fantasies come true in just one day.

Little did I know what else they had in store for me the rest of the week. I curled up on the mat on the corner, spent, and fell asleep quickly as the party continued and they cleaned up. Before I passed out, one thought cross my mind.

It was only day one of the stag week.

Stacked for Stag - Part 2

My partner's ex-housemate quickly cuffed my hands behind my back as soon as he removed the chains attached to my wrists and ankles. The blindfold was still on, as was the nipple clamps attached to the collar.

The moment he asked me, "Are you ready to kick start the week?", my cock tried to get hard immediately. But the CB6000 kept it well in check.

He escorted me out of this room into the other. I didn't realise that the first "room" was actually the window display at a popular fetish store in this city we had just arrived in. I was about to get married later this week - the kinkier of the two wedding ceremonies we would have - and the week-long stag part had just begun the moment we landed earlier this morning.

I had spent the couple of hours on display at the store without my knowledge. The rest, five other friends and the owners of the store, were setting up. My partner was outside handing out invites to the kink party the store was hosting. Little did I know that my partner and I were the main attraction.

As far as I knew, I was just left in a room alone so I was playing with myself. I was mortified to discover later that many people were watching me got at myself while my partner introduced me to them from outside the store.

Now, they were finally ready for me. In my head, we were still in a rented house or a rented dungeon of some sorts.

"Let me introduce you to a couple of friends," my partner said. I heard two voices saying hello to me as the rest laughed.

Then before I could reply, I felt a strike of pain on my nipples. One of the new "friends" - the owner of the store - had taken the nipple clamps off very quickly as I screamed into his face. I then felt his hands go down to play with my CB and balls through my shorts while other hands touched me at different parts of my body.

I continued moaning in pain as I felt two hands start rubbing on my extremely sore nipples - I have had them on for about two hours by then!

"So they got more friends to play with me," I thought to myself. "Holy crap, this week is going to be a massive orgy!"

Little did I know.

Very quickly, the hands started removing my clothes. Simultaneously, my T-shirt was being pulled off me, while my shorts was being pulled down to reveal my ass in a pair of jocks. It has a huge bulge from the CB and a wet spot from all the leaking. The cuffs were detached from each other quickly and reattached once my T-shirt was removed.

I was then lead into what felt like a giant cage and a chain from the top of it was attached to my collar. So while I had freedom of movement - it was a big cage - I could only take a couple of steps before I was choking on the collar and could not touch myself because my hands were still cuffed behind my back.

"We're going to leave you here for a while. Enjoy yourself," one of the owners said. Then I felt noise-cancelling headphones put over my years playing some very hot porn. Great, now I didn't know where I was and not sure what was happening around me.


Meanwhile, my partner too had been stripped naked but unlike me, he wasn't meant to be the plaything for the week. Still, there was the rule that both of us weren't allowed to touch each other and our friends were worried that he'd take pity on me that they put him in a smaller round cage which was hoisted into the air.

For the rest of the morning, he would sit in that cage just watching me. He was free to do whatever he wanted but anyone walking into the store would see him.

He was slightly embarrassed at first - this wasn't part of his agreement with the boys. He knew what was coming next but assumed he would be part of it. But the groomsmen took matters into their own hands.

It didn't take him long to start touching himself and getting hard watching what was happening to me.

After a particularly loud grunt, one of our friends turned to him and said, "Go ahead and cum if you want to but we're not letting you out until we're ready. I'd suggest you take your time."

He went beet red.


Lost in the world of porn, I was jolted back into reality when I felt someone's hand on my CB. It was fumbling down there and I immediately knew they were removing it. All I could do was moan. There was a bit of caressing of my cock and balls which felt amazing that I didn't even notice that the chain on my collar had slacked and that there was another set of chains attached to my cuffs to lift my arms up.

Soon, I was in a bent over position knowing what came next.

I felt the lube first, and then a finger. All I could do was moan and, I'm embarrassed thinking about it, begging for more as the finger kept hitting on my prostate. Not long after, I felt a plug being pushed in. While that was happening, hands were fiddling with other things around my body. The moment the plug was fully in, I felt something pulled tight - a leather harness had been attached to hold the plug in. That's why they needed to remove the CB, my cock and balls needed to go through the ring at the front of the harness.

The moment this was over, there was nothing again. I called out for them, but even if they had responded, I wouldn't know. The porn was still playing in the headphones.

A while later, I felt hands again on my balls. It hurt a bit, with the tugging and squeezing but I just knew it wasn't teasing - they were trying to put something on. That thing turned out to be a ring around my balls. Then nothing.

"They're dragging this out," I thought to myself, which both got me worried but horny at the same time.

Little did I know what plans they had.


"You're the lucky first customer today," one of the owners had told a customer who had just walked in. "We've got a special promotion all day today - and maybe over the weekend - as you can see from the sign outside."

The customer was very intrigued. He wasn't a regular but came by often enough to know that there would be occasional demos. So for him to see a naked guy playing with himself in a cage hoisted up from the ground, and another person in a big cage was not really new.

What the special promotion was, is another matter.

"As the first customer, so long as you make a purchase, you get to join in the fun," he was told.

Basically, our friends had made arrangements with the owner of the store to set a wedding registry over the past few weeks. My partner was in on this and had helped them craft out the list to be sent to all our friends who knew about our kinky lives. and were invited to the kinky wedding. Not many could make it of course, being out of town, but I would discover later that a healthy number of friends would show up - which would only make my situation more humiliating.

That customer was quick to make a purchase of course. He already knew what he wanted so he paid for the leather jockstrap before he even tried it on. The moment he did, however, he asked how he could join in the fun.

"On that special display table, are a range of toys and gear that his friends had purchased for him as a wedding gift. Each person who makes a purchase in the morning gets to put one item on him. The moment all the items are on him, we'll display him at the window again while we close to set up for the party in the evening," the owner behind the counter told him.

Excitedly, he went in and with the help of my friends, got the butt plug in. There were other customers around of course who had listened in on the conversations and all were very excited to join in.

One by one, the gear was put on and before long, I was all gimped up and ready for display. The honour of plugging in the plug and cock ring to the electro kit, however, was given to my partner who had eventually been let down the moment I was released.

For almost 2 hours, I was put into rubber, hooded up, gagged, plugged and more - moaning and humping the air. Watching this, he could not resist himself and came three times alone while up in the cage. A couple of customers, who had been around during his first orgasm, waited below the cage to catch and eat his cum from the second and third times.

They wanted to tease me too, of course, but my friends were good bouncers - other than putting the gear on me, no one was allowed to do anything with me after.

"That," my friends kept telling them, "is this afternoon's entertainment".